How can HR win a ‘seat at the table’?

The role HR plays in big and smaller organisations various from being transactional to strategic and therefore the questions remain, is HR adding value to your business?  The biggest problem facing HR is survival if it does not deliver.  If HR does not lift their game and does not ask good business questions it will never be a player.  To tell business leaders what they must do, leads to business leaders doing the work because they have to, not because they value the role of HR.

HR has several sub-divisions —recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, performance management, compensation and benefits, and learning & development—who need to work together in order to deliver and add value as it is essentially customer service it needs to prioritise.  They need to understand what their clients (employees and business leaders) want and work out together how to achieve it.  Providing value adding solutions is key and HR cannot afford to think in silos, offering “products and services” that simply add to the work load of the line manager.

Being strategic in HR means bringing together “all things people” in such a way that we can answer the question, “Do we have the right people onboard to take the business to the next level?”  If HR is not aligned to the business goals it will never be the business partner, we are all seeking to be. Asking questions such as “How are our people performing, and what impact does that have on the bottom line?” Once HR and leadership start working together and debate these critical topics a business cannot progress.  If this does not happen HR will stagnate and continue doing transactional work  and be the first to be cut when the going gets tough and be seen as an overhead cost.

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