Leadership & People Development

We provide tailored HR & IR solutions to each of our clients in consultation with their specific requirements.

Leadership & People Development

  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Training needs analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Capability
  • Leadership and Individual Coaching
  • Behavioural and Personality Profiling for Teams & Individuals
    • MBTI
    • EDISC
    • High Performance Teams

What is behabioural or personality profiling?

Behavioural profiling is used by HR consultants to support organisations in identifying the characteristics and working styles of their team members and to further develop working relationships.

The fundamentals of behavioural profiling is that each individual behaves in many different ways and that there is no “right” or “wrong” set of characteristics that apply to each person.

Essentially, behaviour profiling uncovers these characteristics within team members or individuals to identify their strengths and limitations. And by understanding their characteristics, the types of job roles they are likely to excel at and functions where they are best suited, become evident.

There is also no need for your team to be worried about getting ‘it wrong’ or having a ‘worse profile’ than someone else. There is no good and bad, just better team dynamics and attributes that work better for some roles, than others.

Behavioural profiling has the following benefits for your organisation:

  • Improved motivation
  • Improved methods of communication
  • Learning how to manage any conflicts
  • Creating a greater sense of team connection
  • Building stronger relationships between team members

The HR consultant will do an individual debrief of their profile with each individual team member in order for them to understand their unique results. Individual Coaching can assist the individual to improve the areas they have identified as opportunity for growth and provide a map to success.

Do you want to improve communication, motivation or create high performing teams?

Contact us for support on +61 43 711 3593. We will work with you and your business to understand how your team’s behaviour and characteristics can be used to build motivated and high performing teams.

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